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Property Taxes, Zoning, & Other FAQ

Property Taxes/Building Codes/Zoning/Septic Systems
Yavapi County, Arizona is very builder friendly towards owner-builders and licensed contractors.  Before any building permits are issued a septic perc test must be done. The 20 acre parcel with the house already has a septic system in place. The 38 acre parcel will need one.  Generally speaking, the soil in this area is very sandy and usually it perks very easily.  On both of the properties that we have live on the ground perced easily and we could use a standard septic system.

All 3 of the individual properties are zoned as RCU-2A by the county (rural/residential).  Raising livestock or horses is all legal.  Land owners may split their property up to 5 times, with a minimum lot split of 2.2 acres.  With the proper permits, any type of building is acceptable: site-built homes, mobile homes, sheds, barns, workshops, etc.  For more specific information on permits, etc. you can visit the Yavapai County Construction and Land Use Website.  Simply stated... the great thing is Yavapai County's process for builders regarding the plan check, permits, and inspections is much faster and much less expensive than most other parts of the country!  Mobile or manufactured homes are inspected by the State of Arizona, but the same reasonable fees and quick approval apply.

People moving here from other states are shocked at our incredibly cheap property taxes.  Our 2009 tax on a 38.8 acre parcel was approximately $550.00!  You're going to LOVE the cost of owning property and living here!  Obviously everybody has their own, individual questions, so please CALL US and we'll be happy to cover any we haven't covered here on the website!  Our phone # is 760-898-1990 ...... or you can email us at .

Land In Arizona