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Water Issues

To try and make this as simple as this part of rural Arizona there are two ways you can obtain water for your home. This first option is to drill your own well. The second option is to use a storage tank system and have water delivered. The storage tank system gives you the same quality of water pressure that you would get from the well. Current well drilling rates are $19 a foot. A 2,500 gallon water storage tank system can be purchased and set up for under $2500. So that’s a much cheaper way to go, but obviously it’s going to need to be refilled over and over. Let me take a minute to tell you about our experience and I think you’ll understand the options better.

We are extremely fortunate, in that our land sits on top of the Big Chino Aquifer. We had our own well drilled last year because we were planting a fruit orchard and have lots of other vegetation on our property. We used Brown Drilling, out of Kingman, Arizona. The man who was in charge or our well drilling had over 20 years experience in the business, much of it in Northern Arizona, and the company he works for drills "over 300 wells a year" in our local area, so we felt very confident with his advice. He told us that the big Chino Aquifer is the largest, "unmined" aquifer left in the state of Arizona. What that means is that it’s not being pumped out of, to supply the cities around us. He also told us that, basically, as long as you’re over the Big Chino, you’re going to hit water wherever you drill. However, this is not necessarily the case in the areas that lie around us! He told us several horror stories of people who weren’t directly over the aquifer, that had drilled holes 1,500 or more feet deep... and still found NO water! When we drilled our well, we hit water at 450 feet and went on down to 510 feet. Our flow rate was 30+ gallons per minute.  We’ve talked to 4 or 5 neighbors in our immediate area, and their well depths averaged from approx. 350 to 500 feet deep.

The reason we’re even going on about this is because we’ve noticed that several other land sellers here in Northern Arizona say something vague like "abundant water available" and we happen to know they’re in areas where you’re going to have to literally drill to China, or else end up paying for water to be delivered, or paying for it in town and hauling it yourself for the rest of your life! So just a word to the wise to not believe every claim you may hear!

One last issue to consider is that maybe you don’t need to drill your own well, at least not right away. For the first 4 years that we had our property we were only using it on a "weekend getaway" basis. We installed a 2,500 gallon water storage tank  and paid to have our water delivered, since our water needs then were very low.  There are several water delivery men operating out of the Seligman area that will deliver water to you for very reasonable rates. This option would save you the expense of drilling your own well, at least not right away,  if you felt it would fit your own financial situation and water use needs.

That explanation was long....but honest and detailed, and for a specific purpose!   It should help educate you about water availability issues in this part of the state.....and hopefully it should help set your mind at ease by knowing what your options are......and help you decide which water system would serve you the best!  Our whole purpose here is to try and help you make our country living experience, work for you!   For well drilling, we highly recommend that you talk to the helpful people at Brown Drilling in Kingman.   For water storage tank systems, we would be happy to assist you,  since my husband is a licensed plumbing contractor of 40+ years who put in our system. For water delivery service, talk to Al "The Water Man" at (928) 422-4190.

Northern Arizona land for sale